Tempur Pedic Carpet Cushion

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Tempur Pedic Athens, PA

At Jay Carpet One in Athens, PA, we offer quality, name-brand carpets that will certainly look good and perform well in your home. But, for a truly great performance, reliable carpet padding is necessary. Carpet padding is installed below the carpet’s surface, and it provides additional softness, comfort, and durability to any carpet.

For commercial and other areas with high foot traffic, thin carpet padding is most appropriate. This type of padding is strong, durable, and certainly harder, so it will not crush from foot traffic or other impacts. Plus, many of these hard carpet paddings are stain and water resistant. On the contrary, for residential areas, thick padding is appropriate. Thick carpet padding is certainly softer, so it leads to a carpet that is much warmer and more comfortable underfoot. Nonetheless, although residential carpet paddings are not as rugged as commercial paddings, there are stain resistant options available.

Tempur Pedic Cushion

One of the best-performing residential carpet paddings is the Tempur Pedic carpet padding. The Tempur Pedic padding, which is actually more like a carpet cushion than a carpet pad, is one of the softest available today. Made with the softness and comfort that only Tempur Pedic can offer, the carpet padding provides maximum warmth and comfort underfoot. Plus, the padding offers extra durability with a dust barrier, moisture barrier, and special antimicrobial treatment. As a result, a Tempur Pedic carpet padding will keep your new carpet soft, comfortable, and clean for years to come!