Premium laminate and vinyl from Tarkett

Tarkett Flooring Options

Tarkett Athens, PA

Tarkett is without a doubt one of the biggest names in resilient flooring. It offers a wide selection of resilient floor types that all give you the opportunity to have natural beauty and luxury in rooms with moisture, foot traffic, and other stresses. We at Jay Carpet One in Athens, PA carry Tarkett laminate flooring and Tarkett vinyl flooring.

Tarkett Laminate Flooring

Tarkett laminate flooring offers natural wood looks with extra durability. It is available in multiple designs, including traditional and exotic, to give you a look that you’ll truly want. Tarkett laminate has a commercial-rated top layer that is more resistant than most laminate layers. In fact, the top layer offers about 60% greater resistance!. At the same time, the top layer is unlikely to fade over time.

Plus, Tarkett laminate includes a special hardwood core for extra strength and stability. This core is made from 100% premium hardwood such as cherry and oak, so it definitely is super strong. What this means is that your new Tarkett laminate floor will be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic and even potential impacts.

Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

Tarkett offers vinyl sheet flooring that is relatively easy to install and maintain. Its sheet vinyl is durable and stylish, and it is suitable for almost any room in the home. It will never rip or tear, and it also remains very warm and comfortable underfoot.

Also, Tarkett offers luxury vinyl flooring for added style, durability, and comfort. There is a special ceramic coating to protect against scratches, scruffs, and wear, and the entire floor is waterproof. As a result, Tarkett luxury vinyl is suitable (or perfect) for any room in the home!