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We at Jay Carpet One are excited about our selection of Somerset hardwood flooring. Somerset, unlike most hardwood manufacturers, is truly an expert when it comes to wood and wood flooring. What makes Somerset an expert?

Somerset does more than manufacture hardwood flooring; it also sources and manufactures all of its actual wood. It procures its wood from forests in the Appalachian region, and the wood is processed on site at Somerset’s nearby plants. Since Somerset controls every aspect of its wood manufacturing process, it is able to ensure that all of the wood used for its hardwood floors is of the highest quality. You can therefore rest easy knowing that your new Somerset hardwood floor is only made from premium and real wood.

Currently, Somerset offers two wood constructions: traditional solid and SolidPlus engineered. Somerset’s traditional solid hardwood floors are ¾” thick, so they are strong enough for most on or above grade settings. Given the thick construction, traditional solid floors can be refinished multiple times. Somerset’s SolidPlus engineered hardwood floors feature a special 8-ply construction, which means that they are made from 8 different wood layers. SolidPlus floors are therefore stronger and more dimensionally stable than traditional solid floors, so they can be installed below grade.

When it comes to eco-friendliness, Somerset is undoubtedly an industry leader. It, for example, has its own environmental program called Waste Not. As part of this program, Somerset has a forest staff to handle wood procurement, and it also recycles and reuses any wood left over after manufacturing.

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