Harris Hardwood

Stylish hardwood that features a strong engineered construction

Quality Engineered Hardwood

Harris hardwood Athens PA

Jay Carpet One is your neighborhood expert when it comes to hardwood flooring. We offer a great hardwood selection, including styles from Harris. Harris manufactures quality engineered hardwood flooring that has enough style and strength for most home settings. There are two main engineered constructions available: SpringLoc and Tongue & Groove.

SpringLoc engineered hardwood gets its name from its unique locking system. With this locking system, the hardwood planks easily lock together without any special adhesive. As a result, SpringLoc hardwood floors can be installed by skilled DIYers. Like other engineered hardwood options, SpringLoc can be installed both above and below ground, but it’s only suited for flat and dry subfloors.

Harris also offers Tongue & Groove engineered hardwood. Unlike SpringLoc floors, Tongue & Groove floors do not lock together. Rather, they have a more traditional profile in which the hardwood planks connect together. Tongue & Groove floors therefore must be installed with an adhesive.

Although the installation options are different, SpringLoc and Tongue & Groove hardwood floors offer the same strength and stability. The engineered floors are made from five layers of real wood, and three of the layers function as a stable core. Consequently, SpringLoc and Tongue & Groove floors are more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood floors. Also, both engineered constructions require 50% less material than solid hardwood constructions.

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