Commercial Carpet

Stylish carpets durable enough for commercial settings

Extra-Durable Carpet

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As you can probably imagine, carpet, given its comfort and design versatility, is great for residential settings such as homes. But, did you know that carpet is also the most popular flooring option in commercial settings? Jay Carpet One in Athens, PA carries a wide selection of commercial carpet options that will look great and perform well in your office, retail store, or other commercial setting. What makes commercial carpet unique?

Commercial carpet, and all commercial floors for that matter, is designed with durability in mind. The carpets have a hard surface to withstand heavy foot traffic and other stresses, and they often are totally spill and stain resistant. Loop carpets are therefore more appropriate for commercial settings, since the pile heights are shorter and the surface is less plush. The emphasis on durability sometimes results in less comfort and fewer design options, but the extra durability is definitely necessary.

Given the extra durability, commercial carpets are easier to maintain than residential carpets. Vacuuming and other carpet cleaning services are still necessary, but they are required less frequently. This easy maintenance is important because commercial settings are usually larger and more open than residential settings. Vacuuming, for example, is more time-consuming in these larger settings, so it’s a great benefit that commercial carpets do not require as much maintenance as residential carpets.

Although durability is most important, commercial carpets can still be stylish. You can choose from multiple colors and patterns, so it’s certainly not impossible to achieve a desired look. In fact, choosing the right carpet is the perfect way to add style and design to your commercial setting!