Anderson Hardwood

Add luxury and value to your home with an Anderson floor

Style and Strength

Anderson flooring Athens, PA

Are you looking for a quality hardwood floor that will add style and luxury to your home setting? Visit Jay Carpet One in Athens, PA to check out our Anderson flooring selection. Anderson offers quality, long-lasting hardwood floors that will look good in any setting.

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of an Anderson hardwood floor is its unique style and character. Anderson hardwood floors are made only from real wood, and they feature hand-scraped, pebbled, and wire-brushed surfaces. As a result, they offer only the best looks that wood has to offer. So, if you want to add luxury, elegance, and value to your home, choosing an Anderson hardwood floor is certainly the right choice.

Style is not the only characteristic that makes Anderson stand out; it also offers reliable performance. Anderson’s engineered hardwoods, which are referred to as Cross-Lock Engineered, feature long-lasting strength and stability. In fact, these engineered hardwood floors are nearly as strong as steel, even though they only use half as much raw wood as solid hardwood floors. It’s no surprise that Anderson’s Cross-Locked Engineered hardwood floors continue to represent the industry standard!

Anderson offers a great selection of hardwood styles, including hickory, red oak, white oak, and maple. To learn more, be sure us today to check out our Anderson flooring options!